Purveyors of Publicity

Play On ensures that all events are properly covered by local media. We’ve developed close relations with newspapers in all the major cities in the Southeast. We encourage reporters to attend our events and to interview our musicians privately, and we help our musicians prepare for interviews.

After a Born of Enki Concert in Atlanta:

“The concert… was organized by Play On Entertainment, one of the fastest-growing music companies in the region.”

-The Atlanta Tribune, 6 September 2012

About the Launch of Play On Webcasting:

“The company’s new webcasting feature is a hit among fans, making it easier to find local bands and follow their music.”

-The Raleigh News & World, 13 October 2013

A Recent Appraisal:

“Play On, which combines the webcasting and social media prowess of Spotify with the tools to market new musicians, has made INC 5000’s fastest-growing companies list three of the past five years. It has become one of the most successful music companies in the US, and is expected to expand beyond the Southeast within the next few years.”